Ermarian time

The Endless Empire of Ermarian is a fictional world described on the NationStates website, including its time system and a synchronization with a fictional version of 22nd century Earth.

Format Value
Ermarian, decimal, numeric  
Ermarian, decimal, named  
Ermarian, hex, numeric  
Ermarian, hex, named  

The Ermariani date format consists of a year, month, and day, and its time format consists of a tor, tam, and rel, which are divisions of 1/16, 1/256 and 1/65536 of a day, respectively. One rel is approximately 1.4857 seconds.

In standard notation, all numbers are given in hexadecimal format, separated by . (except between tor and tam).

An alternate decimal form is also used, in which year, month, and day are separated by -, tor, tam and rel by :, with a space between date and time.

In both notations, the month may also be identified by the first three letters of its name (Evermoon, Remembrance, Suncome, Radiane, Empire, Leafloss, Icefall, Frost), capitalized.